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Über die Wein Erlebniswelt

The adventure world of wine is a very small boat on the wide sea of wine sales. However, we are also a little bit “unusual”!
Unusual, for example, because we specialize in wines from the Middle East region – and especially in wineries with a Christian background. Also unusual because we don’t have a classic “online shop” with “add to shopping cart” and “checkout”; we are too convinced that wine is far too precious a good to be treated like that. Perhaps also unusual because you can get advice by phone before placing an order and you can also personally query all the information and background information available to us. The fact that you are not only offered “goods” on our website, but also very, very much background information about the wineries, their countries and their history, but also the latest news from the sometimes not easy region of the, may also contribute to the unusual Middle East.

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