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On the basis of Corona, we are sticking to shipping only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We ask for your understanding!!!

Chateau Heritage again among the 50 best wineries in the world

After our Chateau Heritage winery was voted one of the 50 best wineries in the world in 2019, this will also be the case in 2020. In 2019 in 49th place – in 2020 in 48th place.

See this short video here:

Jordan: New church for 1,000 believers completed

Near the Jordanian capital Amman, the believers of the Latin rite are looking forward to a new church that offers space for 1,000 visitors to the mass. The church is located in Jubeiha, about 10 kilometers northwest of Amman. Today there are around 1,200 families in Jubeiha who follow the Latin rite. The parish was founded in 1984 by the Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem. The construction of a parish school further increased the number of Christians who were then forced to attend masses in the atrium of the school complex. Christian refugees from neighboring countries, many of whom are accepted in Jordan, also contributed to the constant increase in the number of parishioners. In 2016, a new building was planned to allow more dignified liturgies and better participation in community life. Thanks to the funds raised by the local community and the generosity of private donors, the project was made possible. The land for the construction of the church was donated by a parishioner and knight of the Knightly Order of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, who also provided funds for the early phases of construction. Additional funds have been donated over the years by the Order of the Holy Sepulcher.
The Church of St. Paul the Apostles has a capacity of 1,000 people and hosts a variety of services.
Islam is the state religion in the Hashemite kingdom. It is estimated that 92 percent of the population is Sunni and that Christians make up about eight percent of the population. The Christians are mainly Greek Orthodox; there are also Greek Catholics, Coptic Orthodox, Armenian Orthodox and Syrian Orthodox believers, as well as a small number of Protestants and Latin Catholics, in addition to a few Shiites, Druze and Baha’is.

Africa’s tallest Ferris wheel will open in 2022 – with a view of the pyramids

The largest Ferris wheel in Africa is to be built in Egypt, and in good weather it promises visibility of up to 50 kilometers. The passengers of the “Cairo Eye” have a panoramic view of Cairo and the Nile – and should even be able to see the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx in the distance. At 120 meters high, the Egyptian ferris wheel is also the fifth largest in the world. Only its competitors in London (135 meters), Dubai (210 meters), Las Vegas (167 meters) and Singapore (165 meters) soar higher into the sky. The new Ferris wheel will be in the luxury district of Zamalek on Gezira, Cairo’s largest Nile island. Each of the 48 cabins has space for up to eight people to enjoy the panoramic view. To date, the government has put more than $ 31 million into the project.

Patriarch Rai warns of the fall of Lebanon

The Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Bechara Rai has accused his country’s politicians of wasting “money and hope” of the people and creating a state of poverty, hunger and unemployment, he said in a sermon on Sunday at his official residence in Bkerke north of Beirut . In view of the dramatic situation in the country, people would have no choice but to take to the streets. The Patriarch warned in his sermon that the country was in a phase of deadly challenges that could destroy Lebanon and its people. Lebanon has been without a government since Prime Minister Hassan Diab’s government resigned around seven months ago. Saad Hariri, who was again designated as prime minister, has so far failed to reach an agreement on the distribution of the ministerial posts.
The not undisputed patriarch himself, with many critics in the ranks of his Maronite church, has repeatedly spoken to the conscience of the country’s politicians in recent years and stylized himself as the advocate of the people. However, many Christians in Lebanon are increasingly asking about the real financial behavior of the churches in their country. In the last few days there have been increasing rumors that the Maronite patriarch should also have transferred larger amounts of money abroad in good time. However, there is no evidence of this.

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